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Bacteriophages: Biology and Applications book

Bacteriophages: Biology and Applications book

Bacteriophages: Biology and Applications by Elizabeth Kutter, Alexander Sulakvelidze

Bacteriophages: Biology and Applications

Bacteriophages: Biology and Applications epub

Bacteriophages: Biology and Applications Elizabeth Kutter, Alexander Sulakvelidze ebook
Publisher: CRC Press
Page: 527
ISBN: 0849313368, 9780849313363
Format: pdf

Phages and their application against drug-resistant bacteria. Oct 7, 2009 - Simulations of impulsive laser scattering of biological protein assemblies: Application to M13 bacteriophage. Mar 26, 2014 - Biology sophomore Melody Vo said this year's sample includes an arthrobacter phage, a virus specializing in a different bacteria genus. E 80, 041909 – Published 7 October 2009. Second Place – Adam Riley & Jordan Lowry (Mentor: Curtis Creighton). Oct 10, 2008 - The clinical applications of small therapeutic RNAs including siRNA and ribozyme have been hindered by the lack of an efficient and safe delivery system that targets specific cells. Groth AC, Calos MP: Phage integrases: biology and applications. Journal of Infection 36:5–15. Larval immunity in burying beetle N. Jul 18, 2013 - However, after the discovery of penicillin and other antibiotics the research into the use of phages was abandoned in the West but its application continues in Eastern Europe, particularly in Georgia. Jan 15, 2013 - Bacteriophages show promise as antimicrobial agents. Oct 10, 2013 - Gill will conduct research on the biology and application of bacteriophages, a group of viruses that preys exclusively on bacteria. Though “This is a growing field, and what we're researching has a lot of applications.”. €We are pleased to welcome Dr. Jan 3, 2013 - Members of this subfamily often function as phage integrases but also mediate transposition and regulate terminal differentiation processes in eubacteria. Apr 9, 2014 - Reduction of Salmonella Typhimurium contamination on glass by application of bacteriophages.

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